"Radiant Heating Solutions"

The BTH Ultra is an Electric Boiler for use in Radiant Heating Systems. This boiler is available in 12 to 36 KW. It has a max water delivery temperature of 190° F. This boiler is designed for use with Tubing in Concrete Emitters such as Embedded Concrete or Staple Down/Pour Over, Baseboard, Radiators, and Staple Up. This boiler should be used with Hydro Smart Panels.

12 to 36 KW Models

BTH Ultra

Quick Specs


Sample System Views

Volts: 240


KW: 12 to 36


Amp Draw Max: Based on KW Size


BTU Output: Max BTU based on KW Size


Water Delivery Range: 50°-190° F


Energy Factor: 100%


Hot (Supply) Connection Size: 1"


Cold (Return) Connection Size: 1"


E-mail: info@hydro-smart.com

PH: 763-331-3066