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Zoning By Zone Valves

Up to 4 Zones

We offer four types of Zoning By Zone Valve Master Panels, Two, 120K BTU Panels (Low Temp and High Temp), and Two, 190K BTU Panels (Low Temp and High Temp). Low Temp panels are used for Tubing In Concrete Emitter Applications as the water delivery temperatures on these systems should never be above 130° F. When a much hotter water delivery temperature is need for applications such as Baseboard, Radiators or Staple Up, the High Temp Panels are needed. The main difference of these systems, separating them between Low Temp and High Temp, is the Y-Strainer on the system. Low Temp panels use a Clear Y-Strainer and the High Temp Panels use a Brass Y-Strainer. Your number of thermostats will be based of the number of zones you have. For example, a 2 Zone System will require 2 Thermostats, a 3 Zone System will require 3 Thermostats, and a 4 Zone System will require 4 Thermostats. Zoning Panels will work with any of the 4 Master Panels. One Temp panels are used for systems with only one emitter type. Two Temp panels are used for multiple emitter types that require significantly different water delivery temperatures. For Example: You would need a Two Temp Zone Panel if you had a zone(s) that was Baseboard, and another zone(s) that was Tubing In Concrete. If your system only has one emitter type, i.e. ONLY Baseboard OR ONLY Tubing In Concrete, then you would only need a one temp zoning panel.

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