Radiant Heating Solutions

Pre-Built Radiant Heating Panels

120K BTU Panels

120K BTU,  Up to 3500 Sq. Ft., Up to 4 Zones, 3/4" Boiler Supply/Return, 1" Master Supply/Return

190K BTU Panels

 190K BTU,  Up to 5000 Sq. Ft., Up to 4 Zones, 1" Boiler Supply/Return, 1" Master Supply/Return 

Hydro Shark Boiler Pro Panels

120K BTU, Heat Up to 3500 Sq. Ft., Electric Boiler Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Mounted On Panel., Up to 4 Zones

HS115/HS115 PLUS Boiler Pro Panels

 120K BTU, Heat Up to 3500 Sq. Ft., Gas Boiler Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Mounted On Panel. Up to 4 Zones

Zone Panels (Pumps/Valves)

Zoning by Pump or Zone Valves, Up to 4 Zones and Up to 2 Water Delivery Temperatures.

DHW Panel (Combi Panel)

Integrates with Hydro Smart Radiant Heating panels to incorporate DHW and Radiant Heating from one heat source. (Hydro Smart Boilers)

Wood Boiler Panel

Integrate your outdoor wood boiler with our panels. This panel features a plate exchanger to separate your outdoor open loop system from the closed loop radiant system.

Snowmelt/Non-Oxy Barrier Panel

Snow melt systems, and non oxygen barrier tubing systems. This panel features a plate exchanger for higher concentrations of glycol in the system and protects the boiler from having non oxygen barrier pex tubing.

Buffer Tank Systems

For small zones using a gas boiler to prevent short cycling. Typically, any system with any zone under 900 sq. ft. using a gas boiler should have a buffer tank.

Low Temp Vs. High Temp

Low temp panels are for tubing in concrete only. High temp panels can be used with any emitter type, including tubing in concrete.

Heat Source

Our boilers are all flow activated. When using our boilers for your heat source, any of our HSPS120 or HSPS190 Master panels will work.

Number of Zones

A "Zone" is a thermostatically controlled area. Each zone will have its own thermostat. 1 Zone=1 Thermostat, 2 Zones=2 Thermostats, ETC.

Zone by Pump Vs. Valve

When you zone by pump, you will have a dedicated pump for each manifold. When you zone by zone valves, you will have one pump, that circulates to each of your manifold zones.

Gas Vs. Electric

Compare the cost of Gas to Electric. Gas boilers must be vented. Condensing units (HS120/HS199) require a floor drain. Consider your service size when using Electric Boilers.

Total Square Footage

120K BTU Master panels will cover up to appx. 3500 total sq. Ft., 190K BTU master panels will cover up to appx. 5000 sq. ft.

Square Footage Per Zone-Multi Zone

When using a gas boiler, your minimum zone size must be appx. 900 sq. ft. to prevent short cycling of the boiler. There is no minimum zone size for electric.


When using staple up, baseboard, radiators, or fan coils you must use a high temp master panel. Tubing in Concrete can be used with either low temp or high temp panels.

Panels For Combi Boilers

When using combi boilers that have their own internally boiler pump, you should always use the HSPS150 Series Master Panels. These panels do not have the boiler pump on the panel since it's inside the boiler.