More F.A.Q.

Q.) What Panel(s) do I need?


A.) Refer to the "Choosing A System" section to see what panel you need. If you still aren't sure, give us a call at 763-331-3066 and we will assist you.



Q.)What should my pressure be?


A.) Between 18 and 25 PSI. When the system calls for heat and your pumps turn on, you should see about a 5-7 PSI differential on your return gauge.



Q.)What temperature should by boiler be?


A.) For tubing in concrete, you should never set your water deliver temperature past 130° F, or you risk damaging the concrete. Generally, between 110°-115° is a great start point temperature setting for tubing in concrete.



Q.)What size boiler do I need?


A.) You should always conduct a BTU heat loss before choosing your boiler. For more information on which boiler size you need, or what Boiler BTU Outputs are, refer to the -Choosing A System- section, or our -Boiler Section-. You can also give us a call at 763-331-3066.


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