Hydro Smart offers a wide variety of radiant heating products including pre-built panels, micro boilers, stainless steel manifolds, gauges, pumps. fittings and more.

Radiant Panels – Panels for radiant heating, domestic hot water, snowmelt systems, and integrating outdoor wood boilers. Available up to 4 zones, our panels are pre-built, pre-wired and pressure tested making installation very easy.

Micro Boilers – High efficiency Gas (NG or LP) and Electric (7-36 KW) boilers.

Manifolds and Fittings – Our stainless steel manifolds are pre-assembled, available from 2-12 loops, and feature individual flow control for each loop and include supply/return temperature gauges and shutoff valves.

Other System Components – Pumps, Flanges, Air Separators and more. We have the components you need to complete your radiant heating system.